Finalists Selection

I recently entered one of my i'bles(the sunflower one) in the citizen science contest.
So, I have a few questions which I hope someone to answer.
First, that if I have posted an i'ble which lets say got 50 votes and another i'ble posted by XYZ(someone else)  which got 100 votes,
But the former is more relevant than the former.
Now, at the time of the finalists selection which one will be selected?

Second, it is not exactly a question rather a problem.And it is that, whenever I post in the forum topic "The Clinic" for some suggestions and tips on my i'ble I do not get any reply at all (Only got a reply 1-2 times).So, what shall I do?

Hope someone  will reply.

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Just have fun if it is only about winning and you don't win wheres the joy?
Kiteman5 years ago
When the finalists get passed to the judges, the votes are not passed on at the same time, so the 50 vote project starts at exactly the same level as the 100 vote project, being judged against the criteria, not for popularity.
pranjal12 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Thanx a lot for your reply.
Jayefuu5 years ago
"whenever I post in the forum topic "The Clinic" for some suggestions and tips on my i'ble I do not get any reply at all"

You had loads of replies. Most of them you chose to ignore.

Keep in mind that not every Instructable is of an interesting enough topic to get a feature, so the more you publish, the more likely you are for one of the community team to be impressed, I have loads of mine that aren't featured. I had a look at some of your newer Instructables and your photography and descriptions are definitely improving. I liked the video you made of that paper spear thing, but you didn't really explain how to make it. Perhaps you could write an Instructable on how it works and how to make it, and add the video as part of the Instructable? That may be hard though, since it's difficult to get impressive pictures of paper on a table.

Jayefuu Jayefuu5 years ago
(P.S I sent you a message with a pro code to keep you encouraged)