Finally! A Knex Replacement!

I thought this was so hilarious I had to share it. I hope it's not considered too Non-PC for the forum.

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The Jamalam9 years ago
nothing can replace knex! but still funny vid
Hellchild9 years ago
Drink daddy drink! Drink daddy drink! YAAAAAY hahaha dude this is funny
Whaleman9 years ago
HamO9 years ago
lolrof funny, thanks for sharing!
Kiteman9 years ago
Non-PC? What's that? Nice advert ...
LasVegas (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Maybe I should have added a >wink<. I know "PC" - I have a long history of being accused of various -isms (especially sexism), simply because I prefer to use old-fashioned manners. I ended up being labelled as "fascist" because I didn't conform to the left-wing uber-PC standards of a small but vocal minority at university.
Easy Button9 years ago
lol pretty funny