Find some DealExtreme alternatives

Hi, there! Know the alternatives of DealExtreme? Recently, I conducted a search, and I was trying to find some DealExtreme alternatives, hoping to find cheap prices and free shipping worldwide, and decided to mark down the ones that are close to DealExtreme. So let's get started:

* Note, these are in random order. These are not in order for most popular.

If you have any DealExtreme related websites, post it here and I will add it to the list

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paychin2 months ago

Find the top china online shopping sites list here:


GerlofM11 months ago

I think you are forgetting a few.




on www.compareimports.com You will find a big list of them all!

Banggood.com name makes me laugh, but they are cheaper than dealextreme and seem to offer the same stuff

Check out www.gearbest.com, they seem offer very competitive prices on cell phones and flashlights.

Abe.nortown3 years ago
Moem3 years ago
I recently ordered something from www.tinydeal.com. Don't know how fast they are or how good their service is, but many of their things are exctly the same as what DX sells, and a bit cheaper. Oh, and free shipping, of course.
Moem Moem3 years ago
It's here! Ten days from ordering until arrival. Not bad at all.
zacoo4 years ago
There are really very nice, I like all of them very much. Thanks for sharing.
I found a great airbrush air compressor online. I use it for my makeup and it looks great!
PsYhLo4 years ago
just found this beauty http://www.satistronics.com/
I ran across this price comparison website just now - www.ngshopping.com. It compare between all these great websites!
All prices include worldwide shipping fee!
quccy5 years ago
I know echinawallet, I'm from UK, I buy regularly at least three times per month from echinawallet
I am very satisfied with the service, with service delivery, with products and prices and recommend them to all my friends too.
Maybe it can be joined into the list.
sylviago5 years ago
hi there, i would like to add chinabuye, like the online stores on your list, chinabuye offers free shipping also and they even have a 1 year warranty, i think all the sites in your list are great.
sushinoms5 years ago
A great list for anyone looking to save some cash.
is there any site that sells an Olympus LS-10 Digital Voice Recorder for less than $200.00 with free shipping (not ebay)
My experience with Chinabuye.com and mixmelot.com that big enough - this is my 5th purchase from Chinabuye.com,Their change failed or defective items for free !!! i am really happy with chinabuye.com and also same as mixmelot.com

qpec5 years ago
Well thats a nice list of deals sites. I am been in those sites. I would also suggest to add Chinabuye for best deals!
manim5 years ago
I know davismicro.com and i have bought mobile phones and MP3/4 Players from them. This is a reliable electronics wholesaler who provides cheap and good quality products. I have really saved a lot of money by shopping on davismicro.com
Phoebe3025 years ago
well, a friend of mine introduce me to Davismicro. he spoke a lot about the site honesty and prices. so i decide to give a chance and buy something. i bought, and as expected, i received all products without any damage.
stella17405 years ago
I have bought a white Eken M001 at thewebsite www.everbuying.com.It's so beautiful and not expencive.It give me a discount.
bella0205 years ago
Davismicro.com is a good store.the products here have high quality and is very cheap.
bbrr5 years ago
sorry , I mean June, not July.
bbrr5 years ago
Just a +ve vote to BudgetGadgets.com from me Ordered iPad silicon case – 12 July Receieved on 20 July For a $9 case, the quality is great http://www.budgetgadgets.com/plastic-case-cover-apple-ipad-tablet-notebook-p-6500.html A similar order on DX is still under process, so cancelled there and have ordered again on BG, price is almost similar, but I guess DX now has so many orders hence they can't keep up ...
Agatha015 years ago
DealExtreme.com and everbuying.com are reliable. I had a problem with a product I bought, customer service solved the problem immediately and very good. There is a feeling of personal attention every purchase. Large selection of products at a good price. Shipment arrives in a reasonable time.There are all good stores.Highly recommend!
Amanda20085 years ago
this is actually a very useful post. props. I was goin to add everbuying.com, but uve already done so.
Nice I was looking for something like this, However I would like to ask if anybody had some good reviews for those sites?

Maybe you could add this to your list, members who have already bought something from these websites and where happy with the service and product they got.

'cause honestly I don't trust webshopping so I would like to know if anyone had some good things to say about dealextreme or others. I'm looking at some products at dealextreme and the only thing thats keeping me from buying is not knowing wheter to trust the website or not...

Resellerratings has been around for a long time so you can get pretty good info on an internet vendor.  You can read through the reviews if the seller is listed.  Looks like DealExtreme is based in Asia and some of the products look like knockoffs.  You get what you pay for. 
Thanks, the reason I ask here is because I'm sure you people are real and don't work for dealextreme. Because I never trusted reviews on the website themself since it's far to easy to just make an account as employee and give the website a good rating.

Perhaps I'll try by placing a small order for little money and see how they turn out...

Thanks Caitlinsdad :)
fanny1989 (author)  MichelMoermans5 years ago
Yeah.I have found many stores on resellerratings.Like MicheMoermans said,it seems many fake information.
Caveat emptor "Let the buyer beware". It's interesting to read the negative ratings too and learn to better judge if it is a competitor bashing the company or a valid complaint. Anyway, note that a lot of big known names also operate under different company names in different locations. You can actually shop the different sites and get a better price for the same thing - one may offer free shipping or a better deal.
wendy105 years ago
everbuying.com and goodjobchina.com are good stores like DealExtreme.
tinna895 years ago
I know everbuying.com.I've been a customer of everbuying.com for about 3months now, spent about $200 over 4 or more orders. They have really competitive pricing and I love their free shipping.so far , I am very happy with everbuying .
ANNABELLYNN5 years ago
To MichelMoermans: i suggest you everbuying www.everbuying.com. i've bought things there many times, it's a really good webshop and you can trust it.