Finding Airsoft Stores in Toronto or that ship to Toronto Canada

For people who can need, or can give out ideas on how to obtain airsoft guns in Toronto, Ontario , Canada since there are only very few stores.

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taj19942 years ago

I know this is around 8 years old, but I figure that I can help anyone coming across this through Google. About two years ago, I made a list on reddit of all the Canadian airsoft stores that I know of. I update any time that I either find a new store, find out one has closed/changed their name, or when someone tells me this information

taj1994 taj19942 years ago

Also, I can guarantee that the list isn't complete. It's just all the stores that I currently know of

humanslay3r9 years ago

They ship to canada, and Ive got over 10 orders from them, with over 30 guns... if you need more info email me at
ratman2.0 (author)  humanslay3r9 years ago

hey humanslayer, how much is that p90 and where do u live in canada? like have u had any experience w/ em and how long does it take to ship? and its illegal to ship airsoft from us to canada
The P90 Sucks, I own one, its only like 20 bucks without shipping, the BBs dont feed right into the gun cause its hopper fed, and the BBs curve up and it doesnt have hop up. Ive made over 10 orders and got over 30 guns... I live in New Brunswick, and it takes about 2 weeks, they ship from Salt Lake, so you guys are a bit closer so maybe its a bit shorter for you guys. If its illegal I dont know why im getting my airsoft stuff, all they would do is stop the stuff at the boarder and send you a piece of paper asking you: what do you want to do with your package... Ship it back, send it to another location in the USA, or destroy it...
You still have the p90 and if so is it in decent shape? And is the plastic alright? If so, I would be willing to buy it off you. I am in Ontario and would happily pay the 20 you paid for it as well as shipping here.
okay. i want to buy the tsd src m4 carbine in desert tan. i live in the ottawa area. would the gun get past customs and stuff if i bought it. how long would it take to get here and how much will shipping be. thanks
Hey do you know how much do the ak47s cost and what ones the best and i live in P.E.I would the guns and stuff come here or would it get stuck in customs?
This site, unfortunately, is a wholesale ONLY site, according to them. So, no individual orders.
Gunsrock137 years ago
hi has anyone ordered a gun from pyramid air cause i ordered a uhc spring revolver and i don't if it will get through customs :( i hope it will get through customs. so far it has taken 7 days to get here. if anyone knows please reply
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