Finding Recent Members

Currently, I find new members by just going searching around the site and then if I get the impression somebody is new to the site I'll go to their profile to check, and if they are, then I welcome them. I've had reasonable success doing that so far, but if you can think of a better way to find new members, let me know!!!

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rhysc77 years ago
im new
LoneWolf (author)  rhysc77 years ago
Cool, in that case,  welcome to instructables!!!
FFVIIBOY7 years ago
my 11 year old cuzin just joined i think his name is milleh2006
LoneWolf (author)  FFVIIBOY7 years ago
Cool, I'll have to say hi to him :)
kelseymh7 years ago
I tried entering

+"Instructables Member" +"Member Since" +2010

into the GCS box.  It sort of kind of worked, but pretty crappily.
.  Try
     "Member Since: * 2010"
Holy crap!  You can use globs with Google search?!?  I cannot believe I never actually tried to do that.  That is awesomely awesomeful.
 i know right
.  Yeah, I didn't think it would be that easy. I was expecting, at best, some kind of in-proximity-to operator with an obscure syntax. I just looked at Google Advanced Search Tips. I've never used it before (it took a little experimenting to figure out the leading/trailing spaces were necessary), but you can bow to my l33t search skillz anyway. ;)
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