Fire Balls?

Hey, I'm back. Well, I never left, I just never came on Instructables. I'm on the forums on BYMC all the time, though. If you go looking for me, I am known as Alt Ctrller on there, and AIM.

Well, i was surfing youtube, and I came on this video, and I was dumbstruck. How are they not burning they're fingers? What the hell? So I scanned Google for the burning point of Ronsonol Lighter fluid, known as Naptha and white gas, campstove gas, and coleman fuel. No results.
It looks like he made a round "wick", and thats it. But how is he not burning himself? My ideas:
-Burns really low(relatively)
-heat rises, no burns
-no contact long enough
-he's high and he can't feel the burns
-he's just stupid
-a combination of any one of the above five

What's your take? I know I'm going to try it, I like risks....
But what about denatured alcohol? also known as meths and methelated spirits....?would they burn too hot?

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HeyJD7 years ago
Yeah This is real... I've been making them as a hobbie. It's great! It works because the cottons burning temperature is really low. The thread around it is to keep the cotton from unraveling and The lighter fluid is to keep it burning...
Sun Gear9 years ago
the guy who made this actually posted it as an instructables but if you search for it as an instructable it wont come up but if you search "all" it will come yup .
n8man Sun Gear9 years ago
Because it's a video. Duhhhhhhhhh. Now I'm going to stick a square peg into a circular hole.
round dog vs square hole!

Hahahaha. Notice though that I said a square peg into a round hole, but if you found a square dog to stick into a circular hole, I may agree with you.
Sun Gear n8man9 years ago
though doing that is possible if the square is smaller than circle
n8man Sun Gear9 years ago
all of the pegs have the same volume and the same height and regular shapes, it is impossible.
Sun Gear n8man9 years ago
if it is like that then it is impossible
n8man Sun Gear9 years ago
Again. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhduhhhhhhhhduhhhhhhhh.
tomonto n8man9 years ago
have you tried using an axe to enlargen the hole just a tad?
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