Fire Fox 4 browser issues

I recently switched to FF4, and notice that there are a couple of issues independent of recent updates.

For instance, I can no longer see the rating stars on projects or forum topics, and RickHarris has reported missing buttons in the Guide system.

If you have changed to FF4, is anything missing or dysfunctional for you?

If so, please leave a comment here, and I will pass them on to HQ iat the end of the week.

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I don't see anything wrong with the guide, it still works, but yeah the rating system has been disabled in FF4.
What OS? FF 4.0.1 running on Ubuntu 11.04 - no problems with ratings here.
I'm using Windows XP, like maybe every other general computer user.
It's rather poor form to be both rude *and* incorrect. "Every other general computer user" does not use Windows XP. The hyperbole is nevertheless deceptive; even if we discount all users of Linux or Macs, XP is an old operating system and is certainly not run by the overwhelming majority of Windows users.
XP ? Even M/S figures say that it is still by FAR the most used Windows system, though M/S alleges that as many as 33% of users now use Win 7.

I looked it up - color me _astonished_; the majority of Windows users do indeed run the version released a decade ago. I had thought XP was pretty much dying out...clearly I got hold of bad information...

So, nutsandbolts_64, I apologize - I was quite incorrect on that point. I stand by my statement that to say every other general computer user is running XP is, particularly for the purposes of bug fixing, daft, but XP usage among overall Windows usage can't be used to argue that.
Apology accepted. It's pointless to fix something that isn't broken.
Except, of course, that XP's security is terrible, recent software often won't run on it, it's had no 64 bit support since 2005, etc. I ceded that a lot of people use it, not that it's a great OS or "not broken."
Windows XP pro 64 only became available IN 2005.

Yes, and apparently support for it was withdrawn in 2005. :D
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