Fire Pole!

My house has undergone some small renovations over the past two weeks, the best of which was just installed this morning: a fireman's pole for sliding down!

My boyfriend has also got the ability to climb back up... I have not yet attempted that.

Here are some pix and videos. The construction is not quite complete yet so it's still all sawdusty and unpainted - looks like a workshop more than a home, but you know it's at least half workshop anyway.

Down the pole:

Up the pole:

Picture of Fire Pole!
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Doveman9 years ago
I wish I had a fireman's pole!
That's what she said!
Wasagi8 years ago
Actually, my basement steps are in need of repair and I was thinking of a spiral staircase, but this is just the ticket!  Searching for stripper,(Fire) pole now!
Plasmana8 years ago
That is a very nice house, looks like a workshop, no safety railings and has a pole! :-)
Two story stripper pole!!!
i cant stop laughing lol hahahah
inquisitive8 years ago
I have always wanted a fire pole inside and outside my dream house-I love the thought of going from the 2nd or third floor balcony to the lower levels in a jiffy. And the other potential uses are to say the least intriguing!
foobear8 years ago
Wow. I want to put a fire pole in my house (when I get one). How did you install it? Where did you get the pole? This could be an instructable I think.
Nice lookin house. Who's idea was the pole?
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