Fire alarm!

This afternoon a couple of guys from the Mexican restaurant next door came up our stairs and asked how to get to the roof. They said something about a fire and smoke and it being urgent. We pointed them to our fire escape which has a ladder to the roof and then, for some reason, they lost interest and left.

We were wondering if, you know, this was actually important or something when the fire engines started racing towards our building. So we looked out and two fire engines with ladders showed up along with 6 other vehicles and a total of about 25 firemen. It was on!

The two ladders extended up to the top of the building where some smoke was coming out and a fireman climbed up to take a look. Fortunately, it didn't look too bad as none of the other firemen went up. Within about 15 minutes they started packing up and left.

Just another day in downtown San Francisco.

Picture of Fire alarm!
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Kryptonite7 years ago
Flames classic burgers? God that's ironic! And is that Rachel hanging out of the window? Hope it didn't wake her up from her latest (ingenious) sleeping plan :P
Kiteman7 years ago
One too many peppers in the chilli?
 Too many? You can never have to much hot, I basically drink hot sauce!
Yes, normal Hot sauce (but not Dave's Insanity Sauce,  that is a bit "over the top" )
 Yes, I don't understand why young guys start using that over the top stuff just to show that they can, Chalupa is good enough for me.
One drop of that Insanity  Sauce will "flavor" an entire quart of salsa.  I've had a bottle of it around the house for nearly a year now, using it little by little (and cursing the person that recommended it to me in the store ;-)

We have a few sub shops call Subways in our area, and the one local one was going to drop Jalapeños from one of the ingredients we could ask for on our subs....but  thankfully, my loyal purchasing convinced them  they should keep the fresh, sliced pepper.   Umm Um.
I have a bunch of different types of hot sauce. Personally, I'd rather have lots of not so hot hot sauce, then a little bit of some very hot hot sauce.
Same here,  but I purchased it, and I hate to waste anything.....I like green picante sauce for it's flavor: 

salsa verde (green picante sauce)

This is a recipe that we posted a year or so ago and was recently requested. Here you go:

salsa verde de bodega train

1 lb fresh tomatillos (the little green tomatoes)
¼ small white onion
2 med cloves fresh garlic
juice from ½ lime
2 or 3 serrano peppers (depending on how spicy you want it)
a fistful (enough to fill your palm) of fresh cilantro

Remove husks and rinse tomatillos thoroughly. Quarter them for easier blending. Yes, you will need a blender for this stuff. Puree until smooth, but still slightly chunky. Chop onion and add to puree. Squeeze in lime juice and add garlic. Put in 2 serrano peppers and puree again until mixture is smooth. Taste for hotness. Add another Serrano if deemed necessary. Last, add the cilantro and blend until the leaves look more like specks. This really makes the color of the salsa stand out. Hey, aesthetics are important, not to mention the added flavor the cilantro brings to the mix.
A pinch of salt can be added if so desired. Also, a ½ teaspoon olive oil with a ¼ teaspoon vinegar can add to the life of the salsa, but it never lasts long enough around here to worry about. Enjoy.

I used to to that, managed to give up in the end...

zascecs Kiteman7 years ago
You never know with them habaneros! 
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