Fire blow darts?

Ive been trying forever to get some that work but I just can't! I made them out of paper and stuck match heads as the point struck them let them burn a little and try to shoot them but they go out before i can get them in pretty much they don't burn clean. I also tried hanging part of it out of the end and lighting it but that didn't work. I've tried many other things to. Any suggestions?

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get a strike anywhere match and make it as tip and soak the body of the dart (whatever you want to make it) in a kind of fuel like alcohol, kerosine, burning oil, paint thiner, or any other kind of flamabel liquid and finish the dart. (one down side is the match has to be abel to strike to work)w
Danny10 years ago
hey 1 got a ides you could make a dart with a marshmallow on the end step1:- soak the marshmallow in kerosine or any other fule step 2:- tape a lighter (the ones that you dont have to hold down) to the bottom of the blowpipe and this will male the flame rise up so that the dart passes through the fire (or you could make a mini torch and use that) step 3:- stick the dar in the blowpipe, light the lighter and blow and it will set on fire sorry if that made no sense at all or if there are flaws in the plan
jtobako10 years ago
1) impact fuse such as a tenis ball grenade 2) make the dart a tube so that the fire can 'hide' inside the dart and not be blown out during it's flight. 3) lots of extra time for the arson charges.
CowGuy (author) 10 years ago
Alright thanks!
I would make some better darts, with cotton balls as tails, and put the tails in rubbing alcohol, then tape a match to the end of the blow gun.