FireWood Splitting--easy

I'm thinkin of puttin together one o these. Think I'll go with counterweight instead of spring. Even the counterweight will act toward more momentum, assuming the fulcrum is sufficiently anchored.

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normal522 years ago

The counterweight is a solid idea but it seems like the force needed to split the wood will fluctuate. With a spring, it can vary.

Toga_Dan (author)  normal522 years ago

i dont follow your thought. would you clarify?

With a store bought splitter, you have a certain weight (tons) to account for the change in logs. It seems like the counterweight could only provide its own force and whatever you can put behind it. Say a 50lb counterweight and 100lbs of force, you are only putting 150lbs into a log.

Toga_Dan (author)  normal522 years ago

if you swing a 1 lb hammer with 5 lb of accelleration, reaching a final speed of 50 mph, will the resulting force on a nail be only 6 lbs?

Alright, so what would the final design be?

Toga_Dan (author)  normal522 years ago

maybe i'll sketch somethin up. maybe

That is very cool, I dont know how it would go against the wood we have here in Oz, Iron bark red gum, it so hard it makes the chain saw spark.

Toga_Dan (author)  liquidhandwash2 years ago

wow. maybe it has silica in it.ive heard of plants that are abrasive due to silica.

where is this oz?

That is another nickname for the land down under. But don't mistake them for the Land of Kiwis.

Yes your right,