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My shop will be updated as I see fit. For Sale: JET SKI: Stand-up jetski of unknown brand or type. It runs perfectly, and the motor is in excellent condition. Outside is a bit buffed up, but it runs like a charm. Pictures below. Bidding starts at $350 if you pick it up.

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Rotten1948 years ago
Whoa, interesting sticker.
mbudde8 years ago
For anyone that is wondering, that looks like a Kawasaki 550.
Brennn109 years ago
Do you have an estimate of the price you want to sell it at?
bumpus9 years ago
woah, thats a nice jet-ski where in PA do you use it, or is that why your selling it, i live in PA too
Firebert010 (author)  bumpus9 years ago
I live in eastern PA, but we have a house in New Jersey near LBI. It's not a nice jet ski, it's pretty beat up, but runs well.
aah, cool cool