Firefox Vs Internet Explorer

I was going to call this "firefox rules" but thats a bit biased. Any way I wanna hear peoples veiws on the subject. Let the Battle Begin.

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LasVegas10 years ago
I like FireFox. In general I prefer Safari. What I dislike is web pages that force me to use one or the other. One of my favorite pages did just that. They made their website work only in Firefox. I don't use that site anymore. They don't know why, I'm sure. I'm not going to tell them either.
Aeshir LasVegas10 years ago
Opera has a feature that lets you mask it as IE or Mozilla. w00t
josh92176 Aeshir10 years ago
There's a plugin one for firefox that does that too. Its very customisable, one guy got it once to connect to the Wii shop channel! I think they (Nintendo) have stopped people doing that now though!

You can download it here if anyone is interested.

its a lion Aeshir10 years ago
how? i cant find the setting anywhere. i downloaded opera last night, and i like it better than ff and ie... instructables however, does not display correctly. so... how do i get it to mask as mozilla?
Aeshir its a lion10 years ago
It won't make the main navbar work (I have that problem too), you can do it by right clicking on the page, click Edit site preferences, then click the Network tab.
its a lion Aeshir10 years ago
yeah, i got it figured out about 2 minutes after i posted that. i meant to delete it, but i forgot to. i realized that it didnt fix the problem... i think i can live with it though... there was something else i was going to ask you when i made it back here, but i have forgotten what it is now...
zachninme Aeshir10 years ago
Yeah, its not hard to do, you can do it in Fx, but its still just not nice ;P
bloody098610 years ago
Firefox is better because it has extensions. Safari (Which is now for Windows) is much faster.
KentsOkay10 years ago
FIYA FOX OWNS!!!!!!!!!!
Firefox..faster, better protection, better tabbed browsing, tab bookmarks, addons, and IE has some bugs with coding. Plus IE sucks with png images.
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