Fireworks make my Dog Terrifyed

Does anyone know of some good remedies? He really suffers; shakes, drools, gets that wild look in his eyes, and has to be right next to me like a shadow. I haven't been able to celebrate the Fourth or New Years in forever. Not a big deal for me, but I just don't like to see him suffering. He's my best buddie.

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oh yeah all you have to do is before a storm or fireworks start distract you dog start throwing the ball play the radio keep the dog entertained and they wont have time to be scared thats what i dog with my dog. but dont overpraise or over react or anything or the dog will think that there realy is somthing wrong
my dog goes crazy with lightning fireworks... its terrible can anyone help me
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Well, the pyros got an early start last night. Lots of firecrackers, a few good aerial reports, and what sounded like some fool with a rifle. . My Pit-mix pretty much ignored the firecrackers and just gave an alert "woof" for the loud stuff. The ACD did pretty good; she alerted on just about everything (normal for her), but didn't get very nervous. . I'm only a couple of miles from the public display tonight, so it may be pretty loud here.
hrtbr8 (author) 10 years ago
Awsome helmet! I'm considering tranquilizers again, although they didn't really work all that great last yr...(Thanks for the link)
My dog gets scared too, in the past (he's not that extreme, just frightened) one of us will always be inside, with all the doors and blinds shut. Talking to him/giving him treats/rubbing his belly =D

I'm not a huge fan of the tranquilizer idea, unless its fireworks from other people, and the dog really is constantly shaking (like you described)
> Talking to him/giving him treats/rubbing his belly . Too much of that can be counter-productive. It teaches the dog that, yeah, there really is something wrong. . My female AU Cattle Dog gets nervous during thunderstorms and fireworks, but she seems to calm down quicker if I just act normal (as normal as I can heehee). Maybe a quick pat on the head and a "It's OK, girl." . If you are the alpha, the dog will take it's cues from you; if you're nervous (or acting "abnormally", eg, lots of attention and treats), the dog will be nervous.
He just doesn't like loud noises, for example, he'll just run over to us, to make sure everything is all right after a particularly loud bit of thunder. And we're not soothing him during fireworks, but distracting him.

>or acting "abnormally", eg, lots of attention and treats), the dog will be nervous.

That's not exactly abnormal...he gets a lot of attention =D

Buck doesn't just calm down on his own, he wants to be with us, so leaving him alone during fireworks will just make him worse.
> he wants to be with us, so leaving him alone during fireworks will just make him worse. . Yeah. Dogs are pack animals and like to be with the rest of the pack. I find it easier to keep two dogs - it cuts way down on separation anxiety problems. mom would never go for that. Besides, I love being with him :D
hrtbr8 (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
Mine is also AU Cattledog (half)...The breed is highly intelligent...Very good sugestions, pretty much how i respond. About 9 yrs ago we went through an "incedent" With an x-husband and his gun on a week-end camping-boating trip. No one was being shot at, just a drunk, a gun, mixed with stupidity!! But we literally had to escape and Bubudog was really quite a hero....But he has never forgot about the gunshots.
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