Firing a Gun Upside-Down?

I was wondering about the kickback from a gun, i know that fired normally a gun kicks up but i thought what if you hold it upside down? will it kick upwards like usual or will it kick towards the ground? Thanks in advance for your answers. O and is the effect the same with handguns and pistols?

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i would think that semi-auto pistols would kick down, because of the slide... maybe hunting rifles would dip down because of the stock... m-16 style guns i think would probably be the same, because the barrel is in-line with the stock...
NachoMahma9 years ago
. kelseymh and beebose are correct in that the force will be in line with the barrel. However, very few guns have a stock/handgrip that is in line with the barrel (ie, the pivot point is not on a line that passes down the center of the barrel). The barrel will try to move straight back (and will if suspended as in kelseymh's experiment) but the offset of the stock/grip will cause the weapon to rise. . If you turn the weapon upside down, it will "dip" when fired. are correct, and demonstrate the difference between physicists and engineers. I mae the simplifying assumption that the weapon is being supported balanced at its center of gravity (COG). You, on the other hand, provided a more pragmatic analysis taking into account the real complications of the actual as-built object. The offset of the stock or grip means the COG isn't inline with the barrel, so the recoil produces a torque as well as a kickback. Someone holding the weapon in its natural position (a handgun by the grip, or a shoulder-fired weapon by the neck of the stock) will feel that torque as a "kick up." "Beebose" used the term "spin up" to describe just this torque. This is exactly what joelkemu described in his posting, so he was, in fact, correct in describing and asking about the physical effect. He just used imprecise terminology, and both "beebose" and I moved forward in making our corrections based on the terminology, not the actual physical effect described. Sigh...too much time in the classroom for me.
Unless it's got a compensator!
skunkbait9 years ago
Theres actually a video on of a guy firing upside down. It's an old black and white, but interesting nonetheless.
kelseymh9 years ago
Newton's third law. The kickback necessarily backward directly along the barrel. If you're holding the weapon downard, or if you've anchored your hand/arm in some way, then you're applying an additional force and the resultant might be directed slightly upward or sideways or whatever. As "beebose" described, you could test this for yourself (even with a BB gun or Airsoft) in true MythBusters style. Suspend your weapon from a string, balanced so the barrel is horizontal, and rig a remote trigger-pull (another string would be sufficient). The kickback will start the weapon swinging like a pendulum, but the suspension string won't go slack. You could also put the weapon into a carrying tray on rollers (not held down, just resting with the barrel horizontal). When fired, it won't jump up, it'll just start rolling backwards. Aim the weapon down to the ground, and the kickback will be straight up.
beebose9 years ago
A gun does not kick up, it kicks straight back. put a handle on the bottom it will spin up. handle on top will spin down. Be cool, like on TV hold to the side will spin sidways. Will not hit anything, but will look cool. short answer yes. second short answer yes.