First Maker Faire in Germany

I just found out, that there will be a Maker Faire in Germany:

I'll be certainly going, who else will be there? I'm really looking forward to meeting a few fellow Instructables members.

Picture of First Maker Faire in Germany
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Nirzaree4 years ago
Hello Everyone!
I m a student at TU, Kaiserslautern and I am planning to come to Hannover.. :)
Anyone in and around Mannheim/Heidelberg going to Hannover?
BrittLiv (author)  Nirzaree4 years ago
Not quite, but let us have a meet up in Hannover, should you be interested.

Since its quite a long journey from KL, was wondering if there would be company..
Nevertheless, if I come there, would surely like to meetup..
BrittLiv (author)  Nirzaree4 years ago
Do you have a ticket? I just saw, that they are sold out.
ohh.. I don't have it yet.. :-/
Kiteman4 years ago
Make sure you wear a Robot t-shirt, then folk can recognise you.
Kiteman Kiteman4 years ago
Even better, wear a t-shirt with your avatar on it.
Kiteman Kiteman4 years ago
Oh, even even better, dress as your avatar!

It would be instructables cos play!
ynze Kiteman4 years ago
My avatar changes on a weekly basis or so. It might be a bit too much to ask from fellow I'blers to learn them all by heart...

On the other hand, I could dress as a LED-star :-)
BrittLiv (author)  ynze4 years ago
Haha, should you dress up as a LED star, then I will dress up as my avatar.
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