First Snow Of The Season!

Yaay! Snowww!! What does your snowy area look like?

Picture of First Snow Of The Season!
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mg0930mg9 years ago
What state is this? WTF! I want snow.
Brrrr, we had a couple of dustings in Nov. and are back to the freezing rain again *sigh*
We had no dustings. GRRRR... We have cold rain, not freezing, though.
be thankful of that. When I went out to my car at 1 am this morning to go home, the car was iced over, and it was raining.....I really hate to have to scrape windows in the rain *sigh*
...but I don't drive. ;) I'd rather it just snow..
Well, there is always Maine :-) if you like snow...or better yet, in the snow belt of NY state, where the winds blow off of the great lakes and you get 20-40 feet of it at a shot :-)
What state would have snow like 24/7? I, so want to move there.
Northern Alaska. The pay is good up there, but then EVERYTHING must be shipped in...eggs, milk, etc. Prepare for VERY high prices and cold that will freeze your nostrils shut :-)
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