First Word That Pops Into Your Head

So I saw this on Amazon, so I decided to start it here. One word or short(One sentence or less) phrases, please, and you may not post another time until someone else adds to yours. The word is(what a surprise)----


Have fun!!!

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I ate a huge...
onrust AriedeB2 years ago
too fast
and my brain froze and now im ded.
But not really cuz im commenting...
i laughed, than i
had an emotional meltdown because...
my tea-pot exploded, i ran for cover but...
i tripped over my pet cabbage, so i...
fell into a pool of piranhas ...
and pooped a little in the pool...

*next sentence*
The piranhas turned out to be a fan of ...
Bieber the Pink, so i decided to....
talk to the piranhas and ...
give them an epic beatdown for liking such an unmanly "man."

*Next sentence*

Afterword, I went outside to...
rinse out my trousers and
build a rocket ship which i drove to...
the poor, lonely, not even a real planet pluto ...
where i met peculiar little dog people who wanted to...
AriedeB2 years ago
world is falling
reaaaaaly slowly...
It took 14 months...
so i took my time to learn how to make taco's and opened a taco shop next to...
a Chinese foot massager who ...
liked to shoot cakes.

Next sentence:

I enjoy jumping off...
that are on fire, because they are...
filled with gunpowder.

Next sentence.

I like to...
eat them gunpowder filled, when on fire because ...
they have a very spicy taste yum.

*Next sentence*

I was walking down the street...
Well we finished one of these lines, let's start a new one.

My friend...
is afraid of

that huge...

pectinibranchia, because
it is really just a booger in disguise.

*Next sentence*
Then, I
ran into Wal-mart and ran straight to the Scent-sational wax cubes and melters section
Plo Koon TN7771 year ago
and was confronted by a zombie, so I...
ran into Wal-mart and ran straight to the Scent-sational wax cubes and melters section
decided that
printer ink costs too much.

*Next sentence*
Because of that,
my favorite Rubik's Cube 
, Hermy,
Ate my pet rock.

**Next sentence**
Then my computer

ate Hermy.

**Next sentence**

Then a big rubber ball
into my room
and flew
into my
piggy bank, which in turn,
made my
mother angry,
and she came
with a knife,
and then I
remembered that I take
pills for
my overactive bladder.
Then, Eminem walked in and we all shouted "WE KNOW WHAT YOUR NAME IS SHUT UP!"...
got a new paint (sticker) job
*Next sentence*

It  was a long, cruel,
WOOT! Your my 900th commenter!
peppermint patty
tastes weird but...
leaves you with good breath
AriedeB onrust1 year ago
and hair on your teeth.
Jimmy 11 year ago
My great-great-great-great granddad....
had super powers
and he saved the instructables robot from
a mega Barbura Streisanda rampaging in
Plo Koon1 year ago
MDheliMech1 year ago
Sorunome1 year ago
bassalope kitten. my friend says:if that cat is a reindeer, santa is a guinea pig. brother: i like chocolate.
brother 2: geese go ong.
Plo Koon1 year ago

Sir Billiam of York...
Plo Koon1 year ago
Plo Koon1 year ago
watermelons are good.
sidgupta2 years ago
HUNGER!!!!!( to be practical)
XxsonicxX2 years ago
Poop :)
ilpug2 years ago
"what am i going to think of?"
"wings?" etc
Knex.X2 years ago
monsterlego3 years ago
happyjo3 years ago
Filtaido3 years ago
______3 years ago
knexjay3 years ago
the first word is... cat
looks like a

sorry, your cat looked a little like a cow at first >.<
unanonymous3 years ago
We ran out of room.

To the top of ...
the ceiling
And broke my neck.

Next sentence:

The next day I...
had to get a

cast for my...

broken neck,
I decided to eat it and
a frog that I got for my birthday.

*Next sentence*

Then I spied on
, who was trying
to raise taxes again!
*Next sentence*

I was so angry that
i snuck a bunch of laxatives in his food and locked all the bathrooms and stole his back-up underwear
*next sentence*

He called the secret service
Who then pulled up with a 1000 tonnes of jam
witch obama drowned in
*Next sentence*

As everyone arrived at Obama's funeral, a mysterious sound was heard.
*next sentence*

     it was Obama farting!!
Turns out he was hiding behind a bush, the person in the coffin was a fake!
"Bush! thats preposterous!" said the giant blue peanut
He was hiding behind that tree!, the peanut yelled.
It screamed: I NEED JELLY!
It ran to the clossed store and...
Slipped and face planted into Mathew Pritchard, from Dirty Sanchez, While he was stapling his ear to a table and while Pancho was...
happyjo4 years ago
her pet buffalos anniversary
jamesdude4 years ago
Oblivitus5 years ago
Haha, someone should type the full stories up.
Yeah lol, here is the one below this comment:

We ran out of the room. To the top of the ceiling and broke my neck. The next day I had to get a cast for my broken neck, then I decided to eat it and my frog I got for my birthday. Then I spied on Obama who was trying to raise taxes again! I was so angry that I snuck a bunch of laxatives in his food and locked all the bathrooms and stole his back-up underwear. He called the secret service, who then turned up with 1000 tonnes of jam, which Obama drowned in. As everyone arrived at Obama's funeral, a mysterious sound was heard. It was Obama farting! Turns out he was hiding behind a bush, the person in the coffin was a fake. "Bush! thats preposterous!" said the giant blue peanut. He was hiding behind that tree!, the peanut yelled.

THE END! :-)
Haha, I wrote the ending. :)
chopstx5 years ago
Well, we ran out of room so,

and then I remembered that I take pills for my overactive bladder.

*Next sentence*

So, I
ran into my

closet and

chose a
hard choice between:
a shirt and
a hackie sack.

*Next sentence*
It got so cold outside that
I chose the
shirt and
a cup of hot coco.

*Next sentence*
 After I ...
did that, I threw
My dog
into the trash
when it drank
all my hot chocolate.

*Next sentence*

Then, I suddenly
fell into a...
pit full of
grape jelly.

Next sentence

, while I was all sticky,

when my bro

walked into the room,
i punched his face
and blood squirted
To the top of...

Lets move to the top of this page

I was very
We ran out of room again so lets pick up here.
He smelled old...
grandpa that hasn't...
showered in
a public restroom
,so that
was the
end of
This tale.

Let's start a new one.
This is the next part of the chain. We ran out of room.
....The good old Mr. knex....
is at the
store with
me, buying
a used
sock, that
my sister wanted for
her birthday
in 40 years.

When I gave
her the
gift of love,
she threw it
into my mouth
,so I cried
and ran into the arms
of my aunt
,and she slapped
My annoying brother
who was eating spaghetti
with a...
*Next sentence*

So, my...
stuffed tiger
Captain Baloni,
smelled like
Lets go back up top. ^
DJ Radio5 years ago
sucks compared to Metal Gear Solid.
Wrong phase there buddy.  I got halo 2 yesterday lolz.
The Metal Gear Solid series is still awesomer lol. Barrax can vouch for that.
Vynash5 years ago

Don't quit knex, But if you do can I get your knex?

And it's ok for emailing me a lot :-p
travw5 years ago
Ok, I'll actually do it correctly.
.....Guns are.....

Jumping off the

popsicle stick

and landing on

The pie was green and

and it smelled....

Like Knex
*Next sentence*
Then DJ radio..
was stupid
Or was
Lets back up.

Then knexfreek said "
(that was a satisfied sigh...)
I'm done with my...
Maybe I should...
...tuck in!
Then I'll do something...
travw smilee5 years ago
*Next day*

Ahhhh. Who should I...
play with
, Michael Jackson?
the chain is getting too long start from the top
(next sentence)  

                       I really need to.....
get some of that good stuff from....
DJ Radio travw5 years ago
, maybe heroin.
DJ Radio smilee5 years ago
Go away.
Became the best knexer in the universe.  Then he used the spartan lazorg to blow smilee to pluto.  

Goodhart5 years ago
Hiyadudez5 years ago
Knex is...
I'll have fun with this. Oh yeah!! I play this all the time.
Yeah, this is fun. The only problem I see is when the comments will disappear from too much replies.
Yup, I hate it when that happens.
Doctor What5 years ago
Popsicle stick.
Popsicle stick killer.
Get back in line...the first word is supposed to be K'Nex, then you add...
Oh...I didn't see that. Let's start over.
didn't see that either.
lemonie5 years ago
GAG35 years ago
Cat. Im a kitty cat,a dance dance dance.And a dance dance dance.