First robotics group

Hi i am from team 60 and i want people involved in first robotics to talk and ask questions here so please post!

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what team are you? i'm 449
Lego man (author)  T3Hprogrammer9 years ago
Team 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA!!!!
ry259209 years ago
What kind of robotics?
Lego man (author)  ry259209 years ago
Go to First to find out about the program.
I have a lego NXT set. Is that all is needed? I enjoy robotics so i am interested.
Lego man (author)  ry259209 years ago
Well, It is a team competition, if you check the site you can find and contact teams in your area. There are 3 types of competitions: FIRST robotics competition (high school ages), FIRST tech challenge (high school ages), and FIRST Lego league ( ages 9-14). Team and event finder also see