Fish In A Light Bulb

So I was wondering do you think it would be possible to take an old ligth bulb hallow it out and use it as a fish bowl for a mini fish?  Im just not sure should I put a small plant in there and if so what kind of plant so maybe just a little air pump while Im gone.  Or would a small fish be fine if I put some rocks on the bottom and then just changed it once a month or so?  Or would it end up being every day do you think?


PS I hope people dont bite my head off thinking Im a horrible person I just like the idea of having a fish in a light bulb I think it would look cool so Im asking before I do it and accidentally kill a fish...

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Attmos5 years ago
I've tried little fish in little containers. Even with labirynth fish like goldfish and betas, that can breath air from the surface, it has never worked out well for the fish. I think experienced tropical fish enthusiasts even call those 1 gallon beta bowls, "fish killers".
Kiteman7 years ago
It wouldn't work for a fish, but it does work for shrimp.
hmmm, not ev en a beta?
fcleroux5 years ago
Or, you can just go on the Internet and steal an image of a fish in a bulb like the image below. Did you get permission to steal this image. I know the photographer did not give you permission. Should the photographer sue Doctor What or 'instructables'??
I would say if you want to go suing people, focus on carlita1172 on photobucket - they're the reason the image shows up in google image search at all.

Just sayin'. ;)
Doctor What7 years ago
 Hello Ethan (heheheh).  Of course it can be done.  All you have to do is remove the metal piece, and use a stand of some type (either supporting the base or the neck of the bulb).  Fill with water and your fish, then replace with an "in tact" metal piece from another bulb.
This has already been do on here.  Use the search box and look up lightbulb.  You'll be amazed at what you find.