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Its that time of year again! The beautiful days to go fishing are here! For all you fishermen, I just wanted to know your techniques, your baits, or your lures. This can be for any type of fishing. Surf fishing, deep-sea, fly, in the river, ice, anywhere! I am curious to see what others are doing for their fishing trips!

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Brennn10 (author) 10 years ago
So for the corn technique, do you just pile the corn on the hook? Or is there a special way to attach it on.
put one peace on the hook so the fish can swallow it easier.
chase!!10 years ago
What, no one goes noodling?
Too darned hot to fish right now, but I'm partial to crankbaits for bass.
Brennn10 (author) 10 years ago
My friend likes to use the white critters called, Trout Magnets. They are plastic and you can get them at Dicks Sporting Goods. For Surf fishing, I love to use frozen squid. It seems to attract the larger fish quite well. A stingray to be exact.
Sedgewick1710 years ago
I read of a technique for catching fish in a book from 1902.The device is called a wooden otter. The otter is made of a board two feet long by three inches wide, and one half inch thick. The back end of the board must be weighed down so that it is partially submerged, and a towline attached to the weighed down end with baited hooks attached in 5-inch intervals. At the front of the boat you attach a rope, which you use to slowly pull the otter through the water. The book warns never to use the otter unless you absolutely need food. The book says you could empty a whole pond or river of fish this way. If anyone here tries this let me know how it worked.
Brennn10 (author)  Sedgewick1710 years ago
Make an Instructable for that otter!
I have never built one,but I could give it a shot.
ll.1310 years ago
Just a float as I'm after trout in a little pond, Pike are the awesomest things to catch though. technique: aim anywhere except weeds and trees and the bank when casting.
Pat Sowers10 years ago
Where I am fishing (a large creek) the fish seem to like caned corn the best. My uncle told me to try it and it has been working for the small sunfish where I live.
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