Fixing a Windsor chair

I have a few Windsor chairs that are about six years old, and over the past few years spokes on the chairs have started popping out the top of the chair and causing cracks. I was thinking about using a glue called wonder lockem to fix the problem but I dont know if it is really going to fix the problem.

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Sedgewick17 (author) 9 years ago
I think the reason the spokes are popping out is because there moisture content is different from the rest of the chair, but the rest of the chairs seem very solid.
Goodhart9 years ago
From what I gather, wonder lockem is mainly for tightening loose joints / parts of wooden items. If the spokes have been coming completely loose, you may need to do something else in addition to the glue (or you may just need to use a high quality wood glue, and some clamps to brace it until it is set). There are strap type rachet tightening style tie-downs that can be used for a clamp around a large item:
sorry, hit enter too quickly......a strap clamp like this one:
Or use a string clamp like this one ; )
Yep that works too :-)
jtobako9 years ago
You need to know WHY the spokes are popping out. If the whole chair is flexing, then more joints have to be fixed. If the spokes are the only thing bending, then just fixing them will work. Most glues (including pva) are not gap filling-the wood has probably worn or shrunk so that the holes are larger than the ends of the spindles (which is why the original glue-if used-failed). You will need to shim the hole or spindle with something to take up space, like several splinters of wood or mix some sawdust into the glue. Some hardware stores sell strips of perforated? metal to use as shims, not sure how well they work : )
Lftndbt9 years ago
Three letters... P V A
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