Flagging suggestion

We've all seen 'em--spam postings. And they turn up en masse, 5, 6 or more together.

While this may sound lazy, can we reduce the number of clicks it takes to flag an offender?

It current takes four mouse clicks per post.
--click Flag
--click Spam
--click OK in dialog box
--one last click to dismiss the note informing me I have just flagged someone (I was already aware of that).

Maybe flagging shouldn't be too easy, but the process is tedious for multiple spam posts...

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caitlinsdad5 years ago
The useability issue of spam-flagging has made me just a spam-the-spammer- with-a-snarky-comment kind of guy. They can follow me to catch the spammers.
oh yeah, and this...
Kiteman5 years ago
I ignore the last message, and just hit the back button.

It's a sad fact that a one-click flagging system gets abused.

(I'll repeat my perpetual suggestion that new members have topics and instructables placed in an automatic quarantine for the first 24 hours of their membership.)
I just think authors of Instructables should have control of their own comments sections. If I find that a comment is inappropriate or irrelevant to my work I shouldn't have to go pleading to the staff to come take a look and cast their own opinion.