Flame-Throwing Wheelchair

With 15-foot flames and a top speed of 20 mph, this is a pretty serious piece of mobility assistance. OK, sure, it's a ridiculous device, but look at the flames!


Picture of Flame-Throwing Wheelchair
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Goodhart7 years ago
Piece of advice.....don't be shooting flames while going 20 mph    LOL   One might just singe off the hair on one's face (or worse).   Thankfully it doesn't go faster,  one could really become their own "hot topic of conversation" otherwise. 
willn20107 years ago
That's why I call him crippie boy
caitlinsdad9 years ago
In South Africa you prevent car-jackings with flamethrower equipped BMWs. If you live in LA or New York City, they might jack your wheelchair. If you look at the back, it has TETRANTR8 vanity plates.
When I can drive, a flamethrowin' beamer is definitely the way to go!
I've had a couple of vehicles that shot flames, (but not on purpose).
I know, that's the joke.
I thought you were serious. I nearly installed a propane flame system on one of my old Landcruisers during a period of civil unrest (3rd world politics). Back in the U.S., my old Ford truck shot flames out the exhaust {it was severely retarded}, catching a field on fire and nearly burning down a barn full of vintage Mustangs.
Wow, I'm old, I remember when that hit the net in '98.
Too many letters. Maybe TTRNTR8?
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