Flame-throwing scooter

Gotta love this so-not-street-legal mod to a scooter that shoots 15-foot flames out the back. Just a push of the button and WHOOSH! The creator, Colin Furze, can even change the angle if he wanted to. Aside from being illegal to use the biggest downside is that the flames can come back at him if he isn't careful.

Wheels on fire! James Bond fan invents flame-throwing scooter via geekologie

Picture of Flame-throwing scooter
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DJ Radio7 years ago
Taost DJ Radio7 years ago

Plus, its illegal :/
DJ Radio Taost7 years ago
Who cares about the legality besides the police?  It's too awesome.
You have to make it...

Taost7 years ago
That outta show those tailgaters whose boss!
fozzy137 years ago
Awesome! Who said mopeds couldn't be bad@ss??
I dunno, but nice email adress! (Hover over)
Right, I didn't realize when I posted it with the @ symbol that it would automatically become an emial address : /
 lol !
Lol me neither!
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