Flash drive mini, noooo!

All of last night I drilled, filed, hollowed and glued togeather my flash drive car. I come on instructables to post it, but apparently I'm too late. Looking back, a plastic car might have been easier... anyways, heres a pic of mine, its a little banged up, but I like it:

Picture of Flash drive mini, noooo!
usb 003.jpg
usb 005.jpg
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TSC7 years ago
I have made these before and my had wheels still in it good job  any way 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wasagi8 years ago
 How did you open it up to begin with though?
sumplesnoob (author)  Wasagi8 years ago
Find the screws on the bottom and you're good to go. They're usually safety screws, so I just drilled them out and replaced.
 Ok, thanks!
Wasagi8 years ago
 That's awesome! 5 stars for originality! Wat were you too late for? I'm sorry
Capt. Fat9 years ago
It has no wheels and you can't hide the drive's end. 3*.
Plasmana9 years ago
Wow! this is really cool!
Gh{O}sT9 years ago
Rage10 years ago
mine turned out better, no offence, but does it have wheels?? mine still rolls fine and has a cap on the connector
Brennn1010 years ago
That looks awesome. Much better than my attempt! I had to settle with the case broken, and a USB with no cover. Ugh...
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