Flash instructables

That says it all.
If there is high demand, I will make instructables for flash
EG: Preloaders, Animation, Web Design, Games, etc...

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Sandisk1duo9 years ago
lawizeg9 years ago
I say buy a book. 25$ on amazon really helps.
zachninme10 years ago
Instructables is not a good medium to teach this sort of thing.
I agree, this is a VERY wide field of learning. I myself learnt flash and Actionscript myself, through trial and error mainly. Plus, if an instructable were to be made about, say, a flash game, it would be very specific and not allow a great deal of freedom as it is such a wide subject.
Well no, because all you really have to know is variables, hit testing, basic movement coding and that's about it.
not really. You have to know booleans, strings, and clip events, and all kinds of stuff. Flash isn't JUST games you know. It makes nice animations too.
. For an inclusive Flash tutorial, I agree. As stated ("Preloaders, Animation, Web Design, Games, etc..." as separate iBles), it might work.
lawizeg9 years ago
I could do some. But right now, i'm working with illustrator. Maybe i'll do some later.
Goodhart10 years ago
Whoops, as computer oriented as I am, one would have thought I would not have come here thinking you were speaking of "flash powder" or of attachments for cameras :-)
gyromild Goodhart10 years ago
Hehhe..At least you didn't come thinking it's a post on exhibitionism flashing ;-)
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