Flashmob in my hometown!

This happened last month, and they've now released the official video for it. 70 students gathered at 1pm in the High Street to dance to a selection of classics.

Picture of Flashmob in my hometown!
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Cesar.doc8 years ago
how does somone organize something like this?
whatsisface (author)  Cesar.doc8 years ago
I believe this one had a facebook group with an open invite. Everyone was simply given a time and date to meet up, and then they were told what would happen.
PKM8 years ago
I was in this! I'm wearing a red top :)

Plasmana PKM8 years ago
That's all you did? First make a lot of noise, fall dead, then get up and walk away?
PKM Plasmana8 years ago
It took place on an auspicious date (6:06 on 6/06/2006). People with surnames beginning with the letters A to M were in red, N to Z were in blue. We assembled on either side of Great St. Mary's church, and at the precise time charged at each other and had a poke battle. An unknown number of seconds later the whistle went and we immediately "fell dead" for... some time... then got up and walked away. There were plans for others but this one had the most people at it.
whatsisface (author)  PKM8 years ago
That's awesome!
Plasmana8 years ago
Flash mobs are fun...

This is my favorite one:

I couldn't tell, was music actually playing at the event, or did they do it MP3 Experiment style?

whatsisface (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
Someone had a stereo playing the sound, and it's dubbed on in the video.
Doctor What8 years ago
Lucky! I've been wanting to have a flashmob forever!
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