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Did we loose the ability to import our pictures from Flickr to an Instructable?

Edit: As I write this I see flickr import here in the forum but not on my instructable in progress. Doesn't seem to be working very well though.

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royshearer4 years ago
Is Instructables still intending to bring back the Flickr importer? Please do!
If you go to your image library, you should see a tab labelled flickr import.
Ah right, thanks! That's not very easy to find at all. Would it be possible to reinstate the Flickr import tab in the 'create instructables' environment?
That's one to ask HQ's development team, I'm afraid.
Will do!
We have removed flickr support from instructables, for now. We're planning on putting it back in, but we need to rewrite the code and ensure it works first.

We changed the code behind publishing instructables so it works on more browsers. We've found that that created new problems and we're working to get each of them fixed or updated so that all of the features you used to have are back.

Please give us some time to get this all squared away. Thanks.
Please let me know when the Flickr Uploader is available again. It's rather annoying to have to sift through my giant photo library and upload them here.