Flo TV hacks?

So I've got a defunked FloTV since the service was cancelled.  I was wondering if there are any fun hacks that can be done to it since now it's just sitting around collecting dust.  I don't want to toss it because it has a nice screen and speakers but right now its worthless.  I doubt that there is any onboard memory or anything like that to it, which would be a big help.  Anyone have any ideas?

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NimChimpsky5 years ago
I have two of these that I rescued from a recycling bin. The screens light up with a charging message or a logo when charged, but, aside from that, they act dead.

Has anybody taken one of these apart? Any info on doing it?
Nolan755 years ago
Seems like a huge waste of good tech that no one has figured out a way to convert this into a useable product.
kmgieseke6 years ago
I realize this topic died but I though I'd kick this can around one more time. In addition to the nice screen and speakers, I think it has a 4GB HD that I thought I could use as a mobile media device or digital photo frame, just by re-tooling the OS. Any ideas?
flamingtowel (author)  kmgieseke6 years ago
I asked this same question on my blog and looks like the only thing an old Flo TV can be used for is its battery. Apparently it has the same exact battery that an HTC EVO 4G has. Even though I haven't verified this, I would believe it. The Flo TV was made by HTC anyways....
lemonie6 years ago
What is/was "Flo TV" then?

flamingtowel (author)  lemonie6 years ago

It's a small device that let you watch TV on the go through a subscription service. I got it so I could watch all the world cup games in the office but I'm pretty sure I was only 1 of 12 people who actually purchased this thing. I liked it but it failed big time.

You don't  have the Audiovox Portable DVD Player with FLO TV™ then?
I reckon you might be able to hack it for use as a display, but it would need taking apart and looking at...