Flugtag world record

Red Bull's Flugtag event is normally an event where the focus is on ridiculous contraptions falling into the water. But sometimes people actually do come up with ideas that actually get them some distance. Here's a video of the new record of 207 feet set by Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies. For comparison, the second video shows a typical Flugtag launch.

via Neatorama

Picture of Flugtag world record
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Musicman417 years ago
Question: why does an American event have a German name? (Flugtag = fly day in German.)
They hold them all over the world - there was one in London fairly recently. I'd much rather be dunked into the water in Miami, though - less oil grime and dirt, far warmer, and less muddy. More alligators, mind you...
jonny64 _soapy_7 years ago
then again, there was that BP oil spill near miami
Aside from the US having a large population with Germanic ancestry, if you google for flugtag, the first hit is this event.
fungus amungus (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
That and the fact that Red Bull is an Austrian company probably had something to do with it.
Kiteman7 years ago
We need some Instructablers to take part next year...
.  I would be willing to make a small financial contribution" to a suitable team of Iblers**. Just compete and have Ible's URL on the craft.

* 20-50 USD
** Reasonable chance of actually flying in competition. Being on my Subscriptions list is a big plus.
Actually, I reckon the Staff should get an entry together.

They have the skills, they have the geographical advantage.

. Excellent idea!
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