Fly Powered Planes

Flies generally buzz about and don't do much besides feed the local spiders, but here's a a couple ways to put them to work by powering tiny airplanes. Check out the models below from the 70s or the video for something more recent to show you that, yes, this crazy idea actually works.

Insect Power via Neatorama

Picture of Fly Powered Planes
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imangry8 years ago
This is sadistic. I don't know how anyone can have such little respect for living creatures.
turfani imangry6 years ago
You are right. This act is horrible.
onlinekb7 years ago
Koosie7 years ago
hahaha, legend!

Kinda like James and the Giant Peach with the sea gulls.
franklferg7 years ago
its just a fly
vikmay7 years ago
This kind of tutorials should not be here, or if they found should be deleted. Since I think no one is here to learn how to kill or make animals or others suffer.

I am totally disagree from this thing . . . . .

Sorry if I am harsh but when some one do this kind of thing to animal I really can't see it and I feel very bad and sad from Inside.
dude. its a fly.  a FLY. if see one buzzing around do you baby it and love it? no you do not. i can promise you. you swat it, spray it, and smoosh it. chill out. if it was a bird, then i'd share your views
bug on fire8 years ago
that is just cruel isn't there a law about not gluing things on fly just kill them i would die instead of caring a backpack of bricks on my back till i die doubt that he actually takes the wings/plane off
I finished watching the video well any way it's still cruel I should stop commenting with out watching the whole video
You're sympathetic to the flies with a name like 'bug on fire' ?
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