Foameez - Foam building and packing block

My MIT undergraduate advisor and all-around-mechanical-design-ninja, Alex Slocum, created these foam building blocks/packing material, he calls Foameez. He sent Instructables a box full of them hoping we'd be able to come up with some cool uses. So far we've made Marge Simpson hair and a Fantastic Four Thing-like costume.

What would you build with these? If your idea is compelling enough, I'll send you some...

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Flumpkins9 years ago
where can you get foamees?
I would build an Instructables Robot costume if I had enough. Or like a life sized one, but not that big. :O
So...who gets the foameez??
I was looking for an exercise mat for my 7 year old to practice his rolls and falls for Tae-Kwan-Do when I stumbled on this site. I’d make him a suit so he would have a portable mat anywhere he wanted to practice his moves. I’d make one for me if I ever decided to take up drinking again.
Hehe! I was playing with those @ the hobby shop during CPW. They're fun, but somewhat limiting as to what you can build. Entertained me for a while, but I just couldn't play with them for any longer than 20 minutes - I was standing in the hobby shop, surrounded by so.....much.....awesome......machinery..........!
I know, you guys have like, the ultimate shop. I'm sooooo jealous!
I would make a model of a caffiene molecule, and a theobromine molecule.
And you would not even try a Marge Simpson wig ?????
No. I do not like the simpsons.
Not like the Simpsons? That's it - can someone please ban Adrian Monk from the site? We don't want her kind around here! (Just kidding ;-)
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