Fogfree mirror

Hello Is there anyone that knows how to maka a fogfree shaving mirror. I would love to make one myself. I tried to find a howto here but struck out. EDIT: I would like to shave while IN the shower.

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Goodhart10 years ago
One that is not permanently fog free but can be "refreshed" periodically is accomplished by merely taking a light amount of detergent, in a washcloth, and wiping the mirror with it. Let that dry, and if there is a film on the mirror, wipe it off gingerly. If the mirror retains some of the detergent , it will break the droplets of water surface tension and not allow for fogging (after a few days it must be repeated however).
RevDoc Goodhart10 years ago
Toothpaste will work in a similar fashion, it's an old scuba diving trick to keep the mask from fogging.
MacHaddock (author)  RevDoc10 years ago
I tried toothpaste and it worked like a charm. It did tint the mirror a little bit though so I recommend using a non-colored toothpaste. How do I look this topic?
RevDoc MacHaddock10 years ago
Four out of Five barbers would recommend..... Hadn't considered the color issue, when I first learned that trick, there were no colored toothpastes.
Goodhart RevDoc10 years ago
Cool, does it matter if there is fluoride in it or not ? (seriously, I don't know).
. Nope. Same effect as your soap, it just doesn't wash off as fast.
MacHaddock (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Thanks i'm going to try this one.
Well, this might not work "in" the shower, depending on how much water hits it. But you can certainly try without any expense :-)
They actually sell cloths with a wee bit of soap embedded in it, for defogging mirrors and windscreens of cars etc. It keeps it at bay for awhile.
KentsOkay10 years ago
Spray mirror with shaving cream then wipe off.
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