Follow vs Watch vs "Email me updates"


Just spoke to Kiteman about this and he suggested posting in here...

On the question page, I spent *ages* as a newbie to this site trying to find the "Watch this topic" or "Email me updates" button. I eventually found the "Follow" button, but thought that wasn't particularly logical.

I can understand "Follow"ing another user, but to "Follow" a topic/question/answer just didn't seem like the right sort of word (maybe just because I'm from the UK, but hey!)



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kelseymh4 years ago
It used to be called "subscribe," but when I'bles moved over to try and attract more twits and failbook users, that word got replaced globally by "follow."
waiting for it to change to "stalk"
maybe lurk
but that would not have the same impact as "Oh, I just AutoStalked you" as opposed to "Dang, he was just AutoLurking around."
why Auto anything? Because of Autodesk, or implying something automated?
It's the new Coke, stalkible and lurkible were taken.