Food Smoker

I'm trying to make a home-made smoker, a portable one that is.
My current idea involves using a wooden smoke box, untreated wood (Any suggestions on what type to use?) and a portable gas stove, like those camping ones.

My first question is, what type of wood would be good to make the box out of? Any major no-nos as to certain woods?

Second, would a portable camping stove (either methylated spirits powered or gas powered) heat a metal plate hot enough to get the wood smoking?

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Alton Brown made a cheap DIY smoker on one of his salmon episodes of Good Eats.

go here i have a lot of different smokers 
M F7 years ago
adding heat to cardboard for a length of time might leach fumes/glue chemicals into the food.
look up
My smoker is made from thin metal, similar to street signs, buy a hot plate from a thriftstore.
smoking woods should be soaked before using.
you want steam and smoke to flavor the meat.
cherry,oak,alder,mesquite, apple
Doctor What7 years ago
 If you're looking for an easy, portable, disposable solution, you can't go wrong with cardboard!
Kiteman7 years ago
Why not just burn the wood?