For Aspie Members to post WWW finds

The intention for this area is for members to post URLs and brief descriptions of their unique finds on the WWW which they believe would interest people with Asperger's Syndrome.

*Please include your reasons for believing the item will be of interest.

*Anything from the WWW, but not from Instructables (There is a separate area for that)

*And VERY rarely will any item here be about Asperger's Sydrome issues, support or resources.

*Very welcome will be project items or information coming from famous Aspies, Edison, Bell etc (I know they are long gone, but their ideas will be on the WWW for ever) and also appreciated will be oddball ideas or methods for Aspies to use in Instructables.

Its time now to forget other people are different from us Aspies, and begin showing how WE Aspies are different. and unique, and how some of us have ALREADY changed the world.

Below, a photo of Aspies looking left right centre, inside out, upside down, for new unique knowledge, in this case, a new kind of tree. Nothing misses us!

Refer to map, (RNZ 220 mast, (45 minutes climb to the top."))

Picture of For Aspie Members to post WWW finds
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Lateral Thinker (author) 7 years ago

Baby V1 flies for fun

An article from Popular Science Magazine May 1946 on a working model of Hitler's V1 pulse jet engine.
~Aeronous~8 years ago
hay ive been watching air crash investigations on youtube. they are pretty interesting
Lateral Thinker (author)  ~Aeronous~8 years ago
Go to NASA.govt and look up CAIB and watch the short video of the tst that proved that the foam that hit Columbia on the way up punched a big hole in the leading edge of the wing, just out of sight of the cockpit windows Let me know if you can not find it. I have been in hospital
what for?
Lateral Thinker (author)  ~Aeronous~8 years ago
for falling over every few minutes, I had x-rays done, a burn treated, new medications, I am just sick and tired of being healthy. Last November I stood up, banged the front of head on the underneath of a wall unit, fell backwards, hit the stair rail with the back of my head, got knocked out. Told my GPs nurse, to see if I needed to come in, it appears my GP never was told, and I recall now I had symptoms of concussion. I always take photos of my injuries, so I got two of the big gash, my first encounter, but not of the big lump after my knock out blow from the stair rail. I found the 2 photos on my PC by accident today, which reminded me of last November, once the gash had healed, I forgot all about it. Anyway, last November I learnt what it means when people getting a knock on their head see stars. Really, I am just marking time now, I can not work at Trash Palace because of work place safety, the local library has me on house bound service, and my favourite heater just blew up. its special because of its electronic heat control. its 7 outside and dropping, 17 inside and dropping. I can only move when I am red hot, as in 17 degrees. Now I have to operate on my heater, I am praying for, and the signs suggest, that the heater just needs a new thermal fuse, but it depends on the condition of the whole heater whether I fix it. I dont think it enjoyed being on flat out on 2400 watts. I will dig out my 750/1500 watt heater, but this minute I can not care less.
oooooww. can't you just buy a new heater(if you can't fix it) or will it not be the same?
Lateral Thinker (author)  ~Aeronous~8 years ago
the heater uses a control similar to a electric drill electronic speed controller. Such controllers damage the street transformers I discovered years ago but I thought it was possible to still do it, provided the speed trigger points were on certain points of the AC cycle, there are just six points, a electric drill has infinite points. But making such a controller, was beyond my means. Then one day I spotted the heater at our local Kmart. I was fascinated by what the carton label said. 6 heats, 3 fan speeds, controlled by electronics. The 6 heats weren't by cutting in and out heating elements, but by pulsing the power thru. I located the manufacturers agent, they confirmed it was my 6 step controller. Other fan heaters turn off and on, by thermostat. This one has a constantly running quiet fan, and regulates the heat electronics. That means you dont have ups and downs in room temperature, first too cold, then too hot. There is just one clue you get when its running, if suddenly the fan goes to speed 3, you can hear it, it means it sensed the room too hot, it shut down the heat, and revved up the fan, in order to quickly distribute the heat, in order to level the temperature in the room. My retired neighbour who repairs power tools and myself opened it this morning, and found a spade connector had fallen off the electronic unit. we dusted out the insides with air from his big compressor, put it all back together, and its working. the problem is, my home is open plan, upstairs one big room, bed and computers, all my electronic gear pulls 1.5 amps, averaged over 24 hours, the whole lot powered by one 20 Amp circuit. The heater, bed lights, phones etc come off the other circuit. in other words, only room and power for one heater. (it cost 4 times the price of a plain heater) the way it worked with less temperature extremes, I estimated 15% saving in power as the heat it generated was better distributed. It went off the market as nobody wanted to buy one. Those that did, will never give them up easily. I suppose I should say its bolted to the floor, however, honestly, it sits there unprotected from crooks. (they would not know what it was anyway)
Lateral Thinker (author) 8 years ago
Dust the destroyer‎ - Page 88
Magazine - Popular Mechanics - Sep 1942 - Vol. 78, No. 3 - 224 pages
Dust and air are mixed in predetermined quantities and then exploded in this
test ... Any kind of dust, from the household variety to the dust in mines and

Corn flour to run autos?‎ - Page 946
Magazine - Popular Mechanics - Dec 1928 - Vol. 50, No. 6
Miniature Grain Elevator Used to Demonstrate Dust Explosions; Such Blasts Have wrecked Gigantic Concrete Storage Bins and Done Enormous Damage

Popular Science‎ - Page 14
Magazine - Jan 1927 - 148 pages
Wood, coal, vegetable oils, ether, and even corn, water, molasses, and grain
dust are possible sources for substitute automobile fuels. ...

Diesel engines usher in new age of power‎ - Page 11
Magazine - Popular Science - Oct 1935 - Vol. 127, No. 4 - 120 pages
Instead of petroleum, it burned coal dust. For a number of years, ... Coal dust was also the fuel used in the first engine tested by the man whose name is ...
"-it burned coal dust. For a number of years it ran with more or less success. Then it exploded like a bomb, killing the inventor." ! Some good reading, thanks for the links. L
Lateral Thinker (author)  lemonie8 years ago
however, there was no radiation contamination as if it had been a uranium engine. Imaginable all the free dust everywhere, that nobody wants, and fuel dust is a by product, or waste product of lots of indrusry I still got an idea a dust engine would work, but in a unique way, the idea is processing in my head, during head down time. The second part of the idea, has been covered on PM and PS too.
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