For the benefit of Mr Kite

In the year of my birth, John Lennon penned a little ditty, inspired by an antique poster he bought.

Today, that poster has been recreated with quite obsessively extreme care.

I would love a copy, but, at £294, with the cost of framing on top of that... I don't think so.

Time for plan B...

Dear Santa...


Picture of For the benefit of Mr Kite
In case you didn't notice, they do have an option to Win a Limited Edition Print.

Otherwise PM me, as I may have another option for you. ;-)
Kiteman (author)  canucksgirl1 year ago
Oh, I hadn't seen that draw - now entered.
Interestingly my first thought when I saw the title was the song...
though I was thinking of it as it was sung by Eddie Izzard....
then I recalled that it was by the Beatles