Formatting Errors

I noticed a few things on a few instructables and forum topics that I found interesting.

In some cases, the bold and italics tags are not being closed, leading to these two cases

Italics Look at the sidebar to the right
Bold Everything past the first step, including the side bar

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Hmm, something like that happened to my first instructable.  I don't think it's the authors' fault...
noahw7 years ago
Seems like it's the author's responsibility to format their projects however they see fit.  Have you notified the authors in either of these two cases that they might want to close their tags?
kelseymh noahw7 years ago
I'm not sure that I completely agree, Noah. 

The way the CKEditor's graphical interface is set up, it is not at all obvious that users have to do explicit closure.  In fact, as I've discovered, if you try to do that, quite often the editor gets confused and won't let you continue typing properly. 

I have frequently had to go into the raw HTML and repair it by hand (an option not available to non-paid users, and one most users would not be competent to do).

As I see it, this sort of interface which hides the underlying markup has a resonsibility to generate correct final-state markup under all conditions.  I don't think that's something you (I'bles Staff) can control, since you've adopted a third-party product.  But perhaps feedback to the CKEditor team would be useful.
noahw kelseymh7 years ago
You're totally right...I didn't look down through the entire Instructable to notice that the bold carried right through into the comments, and that the entire community section on the right was all Italicized - upon my initial and quick first past I was honestly just looking at the Instructable.  My mistake.

Yes, this certainly seems like a bug.  I'll add it to the list now.

Thanks everyone!
lemonie noahw7 years ago
I looked into this (comments below) - I didn't find an obvious unclosed-tag problem.

Pozole7 years ago
On "DIY 1000 watt wind turbine", only the thumbnails show. The larger pictures don't come up.
LoneWolf7 years ago
This is a problem with the people writing instructables and forum topics, not a bug with the instructables site itself.
n8man (author)  LoneWolf7 years ago
 Basically, what Lemonie said.
LoneWolf n8man7 years ago
It goes both ways. Not having closed tags may be the cause, but users ought not to be able to screw with content they haven't added.

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