Fort bragg , NC?

Hello all,
Anyone lived at Fort Bragg, NC. Home to Airborne and the JFKSWCS (i know rolls right off the tongue).  How is Fayettenam? I heard they have great pawn shops and strip clubs.
Is being on an Airborne base Is it just like Army wives makes it out to be?

And before caitlinsdad makes any chairborne comments, my grandma does PT better than you.

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caitlinsdad5 years ago
I'll be nice. Sand. Red clay. Muddy red clay. Dusty. Dirty. Hot. Humid. Stinging nettles. Poison Oak. Ticks. Several zillion clicks to civilization...wait, that is 99% of what fine military installation resorts are... And you get to wear a fine looking red beret. Outstanding, who should I wire bail money to?
thematthatter (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
Our unit is no longer authorized the maroon beret or the airborne tab. :(
Well, I guess you gotta work on it. Stop by Ft. Benning first.
thematthatter (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
its a leg unit. They took away the maroon beret and the airborne tab in 2010. Big Army says you have to actually jump out of planes in order to use the Airborne tab in your patch
it would be silly to do something like that from perfectly good aeroplanes...wait
From some random forum I lost the link to (don't know if it's helpful or not):

I know this thread is old, but I'm new to the forums and wanted to weigh in.

I was assigned to Bragg in the late 80s and moved back three years ago. The difference in town is like night and day! Of course Bragg is an exciting place to be professionally, but Fayetteville now has lots to do and a vibrant downtown ( . There's even a world class military museum right downtown, the Airborne and Special Operations Museum (

There are still the challenges associated with a population of almost 200,000, but the whole attitude of the community is behind the military. There's lots of good info about moving here on this website:

You wear combat boots?
Nah, just bored. :p
kelseymh5 years ago
Wish I could help you, Matt. The only Fort Bragg I've been to is in California: home to some extremely great beer, and just a few clicks from some of the primo cash-crop farmland in all of North America :-/

Fort Huachuca, on the other hand, is everything Caitlinsdad says (except the humid part) and more! Great place to visit, and half a dozen really excellent Korean restaurants in town.