Forum topics not appearing.

Over the last month, I have noticed that my forum topics do not show until a few days after posting. By this time they have sunken three pages in.

One of my previous topics, did not show until Kiteman commented in it. I'm not sure how he found it.

I have just posted another topic, which still hasn't shown up after a day.

This has only occured of late as previous topics showed within 5 min.

Thermo electric generator

and my recent topic

Sia preforms still MIA

Any ideas?

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KentsOkay9 years ago
I've got the same problem :(
me to it stinks
If you're still seeing this problem after two months, please provide specific details. Just saying "it doesn't work" is like calling a repairman and saying "my TV is broken." Without details, there's nothing anyone can do to figure out what needs to be fixed.

  • What topics have you posted (provide the name and Forum category, as well as the URL from your profile list)?
  • When did you publish them?
  • What browser are you using, and on what platform?
ewilhelm9 years ago
Thermo looks fine. Sia gives me a 404. Does the link work for you?
Lftndbt (author)  ewilhelm9 years ago
Sorry I accidentally deleted the Sia topic. Thermo only appeared in searches approx the same time as kiteman commented in it. Maybe it is just that I'm using Opera browser or something. It seems of late a lot of my things get hung up. Like when i comment on an I'ble it still registers 0 comments. When I view the persons I'ble my comment is there. My I'bles also seem to take a good day to turn up. Some even make it off the first page before they show. Possible a filter problem. But assume they would be still turn up at the top of the new I'ble search if it was a filter issue... anyways I will try and give more details if it persists. This has only started the last few months, prior there was no problems and all comments , I'ble's appeared almost instantaneously.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. I'm guessing that they are getting hung up in a filter and waiting to be approved by a human.
kelseymh9 years ago
For the record, I am seeing the same problem today (17 Nov 2008). I created a new Topic in the Physics Group at 1:22 pm PST, linked to the Science top-level Forum. As of 2:15 pm, it still hasn't shown up in Science.
Lftndbt (author) 9 years ago
Hello?? Is anybody out there? Perhaps it is me that is indeed MIA... te he he... Can anybody hear me? LoL