Freaky Food Fun

Why has no one thought of this before?
Granted, I don't usually have pasta with my hot dogs, but darn it! I will now!
Hotdoghetti anyone?

VIA: boingboing

Picture of Freaky Food Fun
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crios426 years ago
I'm doing this. My son won't stop talking about this.
Wow!!! kids will love them! I never thought about inserting the noodles into the hotdog before cooking them-brill baby, Brill! :0)
OMG! That's gross! >_<
Well, there was this.
>Runs to ladie's room< Ugh, hot dogs of any kind sound sooo gross right now for some reason.
They don't call them dirty water dogs for nothing...

You need to be drunk - then you can put it down to a "bad pint" - why else would you buy these?


Tourist I suppose?
I think you develop an immunity to street food. By local flavor they mean the street dust and grit settling on the pretzel that you are about to bite in. It's actually quite good if you have a cast iron stomach and know where to go.
I do eat from "mucky-burger-vans" sometimes, and I do have iron-guts. But this has the look of a tourist-feeder to it, you could imagine thieves keeping an eye on it for targets? L
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