Fred Phelps to Protest Victims' Funerals


Apparently the crazy just keeps on comin'!

Picture of Fred Phelps to Protest Victims' Funerals
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AngryRedhead (author) 6 years ago
Great.  Because of these idiots, a what-should-have-been-unnecessary law is about to be passed.
Oh man. Why do they have to ruin everyone's fun? I'm sure that we all have fond memories of protesting funerals in Tucson.

Sign... sign... everywhere nowhere a sign...
AngryRedhead (author)  randofo6 years ago
When a law like this is needed, it's sad times...  All those zombie marches won't be allowed to start within 300' of a cemetery, and really, a cemetery makes the most sense.
AngryRedhead (author) 6 years ago
It's like there's no end!

I had a Spanish professor who was trying to explain the word "gringo" and likened it to the word "kike" as a jovial, descriptive term.  "A 'gringo' is a white American, and a 'kike' is a Jewish person.  They're not bad words."  I threw my hand up so fast I nearly popped my shoulder out of socket and quickly told him that "kike" was a bad, bad, bad word for a Jewish person.  He doubted me and apparently at the next dinner party he was at, he went up to a Jewish buddy and said, "Hey, kike!  How's it goin'?"  His buddy took him aside and told him exactly what I told him.  I'm kinda impressed this professor was willing to tell this story in class and inform everyone that "gringo" was not at all like "kike".  I'm still not so sure about that because I don't think "gringo" is generally used in a jovial, friendly way, but still he set the record straight about "kike".  I wonder if Sarah Palin will apologize or continue to liken herself to Shakespeare.
kelseymh6 years ago
Hey, if we all sent him packets of Kool-Aid, do you think he (and his followers) would take the hint?
I dislike him as much as the next guy, but don't you think that's sort of, ah, meta?
I wasn't suggesting we put anything in the Kool-Aid! It might well be used for a happy family fun party....
Yeah, who suggested anything else? Must've been some crazy liberal reading way too much symbology into something completely innocent!

I think he meant crates of K'nex. There, that should stir things up...
They're just toys! How dare someone suggest it implies arms!
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