Free 3 months for anyone else?

I have just recieved this message from an Instructable intern, saying I got 3 free months of Pro!

   "When we introduced Instructables pro memberships a year ago, you were one of the first to sign on. Thank you very much for your support -- we appreciate it! To say thanks, here's a 3-month pro membership coupon you can use yourself, or giveaway to someone else. "

Anyone else get it?

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gtoal7 years ago
I just now received a second free three months - just a week or so after receiving the first one! Does anyone know if they add up if I were to apply it right away or should I sit on it for three months until the first one runs out before applying the new one?


Tinworm7 years ago
I got mine for an instructable about building a BBQ out of a classic car.

Felt a real honour to be featured.

My Pro Membership is about to expire. Thinking whether I should renew it. Who else went on to do that?
spark light7 years ago
Dr. Pepper7 years ago
On my profile when I click instructables it says my toolbox was featured but I haven't recieved one of these. Can someone help me understand this?
stasterisk7 years ago
Yay! Joined the Pro club for How To Pack: Shipping Big Science
Welcome to the "light" side of the "force" :-)
JT3OSU7 years ago
I got my 3 month subscription for having an Ible featured.
Gingerbread Man

But never got my one-year subscription as promised for being one of the winners of the 2009 halloween contest.
Toy Green Army Man Costume

Still my favorite time-wasting website.

nikolardo7 years ago
I got mine for my Invisible, Usable Back Scabbard back in August, and only now turned it in. The only difference that I see making for me is that now I'll view instructables all on one page.
I just received one for my NES Cartridge Wireless Router.

Thanks Instructables!
DJJules7 years ago
I just got one. for my Borg Jack O' Lantern
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