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August 23, 2007
Welcome back!

Why just relax this weekend when there are tons of cool new projects to try out?
Check them out below.
How to make Evil Childproof caps easy to open
With no kids in the house, why deal with childproof caps?
posted by SFHandyman on Aug 22, 2007
How to Harvest Squid Ink
Clean your own squid, and collect ink for printing or cooking!
posted by canida  on Aug 23, 2007
Life-size Skeleton Pumpkin Carving!
Get ready for Halloween early with this advanced bit of pumpkin carving.
posted by mcraghead on Aug 21, 2007
FeatureIn-line headphone amplifier
Use a single AAA battery to amplify the sound from your PC.
posted by neelandan on Aug 20, 2007
Cart Bike
Shopping cart + bicycle = a DIY system for moving lots of groceries.
posted by zieak on Aug 20, 2007

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Hack a Toilet for free water
Add a sink to your toilet and wash your hands without wasting any water.
posted by nak on Aug 20, 2007
Drinking Glasses from Wine Bottles
Put those colorful bottles to use by making them into attractive water glasses.
posted by fstedie on Aug 20, 2007
Easy to Build Desk Top 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine
Make your own CNC for well under $200.
posted by Tom McWire on Aug 17, 2007
How to make a $20 ice pack for $2
Make your own gel pack and soothe those sore muscles.
posted by royalestel on Aug 17, 2007
Free Air Conditioning
Technically it's a heat exchanger, but it's still a free way to get cool air.
posted by Vyger on Aug 16, 2007
Now go build something awesome, and I'll see you next week!