Taken - Free Boat - Blaze of glory, 24ft wharram-style hull trimaran

The boat has gone on to its new home now, hopefully they'll post their adventures and mishaps!

here's the history of the boat.
To give away to good home, or rather for sale for $2 (two u.s. dollars).
It comes on a roadworthy trailer but you'll need your own trailer plate.
It's in Alameda California.

post in the comments as to why you'll actually have a use for it and how soon you can take it away. Include your email address and phone# so I can contact you.

Don't be discouraged by the proposals already here, none of these people has managed to take the boat yet. Get permission from your wife or girlfriend ahead of time.



Picture of Taken - Free Boat - Blaze of glory, 24ft wharram-style hull trimaran
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miles69699 years ago
Fun!!! Wow I have a formosa36 in Antioch but I have no masts. I'm an over the road truck driver so my time is precious to me. I've looked at the small tri's and imagined the fun and enjoyment that could be had with one. I'm suppose to go sailing tomarrow with my father on his MacGregor24 But if you call and tell me the boat is available I will be there in the time it takes me to drive from Woodland to get it. My cell phone is 530-908-1624. The sooner you call the sooner you will be rid of your boat And the sooner I will have much desired fun on the bay...Priceless!!!!! my e-mail is miles3969@sbcglobal.net again my cell is 530-908-1624 call it 24hrs... My home phone is 530-666-6757. My name is Miles Green and I look forward to hearing from you.. I have sat.&sun off I will be gone all week. So yes I can be there to pick it up right away. Thank You
I was just wondering if perchance your father's boat is a MacGregor, or a McGrigor. My brothers name is McGrigor and made yachts using our name. Contact me please and let me know, justme632000@yahoo.com.au
TimAnderson (author)  miles69699 years ago
Thanks for giving it a home! post your toils and adventures to instructables!
dcd9 years ago
I am a lifelong sailor. I spent many years traveling extensively for work. When I was in a seaside locale it was my practice to buy a used boat and teach people to sail. Eventually I sold every such boat to someone I'd taught. From years of doing this I have friends around North America who I can visit and sail with. Many of my students went from being first time sailors to now having traveled the oceans, further by sail than I have myself. I now am settled in the San Francisco Bay area. In years of blissful, ownership-free sailing I've been active as able bodied crew for weekend Bay racing. Times do change however. Now I have two young daughters who are a good age to learn to sail. They cannot join me on high performance racing machines. It's time to return to recreational sailing so I can teach them (and their friends) the joy of playing in boats. When I teach people to sail I not only teach the skills of boat handling. I also show there is a relationship among developing skills, the characteristics of a boat and the forces of nature; the wind and the waves. For this the smaller the boat the better. A small trimaran might be just the thing to help my next crop of students get a visceral understanding one might have of this when heading to sea.
TimAnderson (author)  dcd9 years ago
what's your contact info?
atay89 years ago
ey there Tim, Looks like too much fun. I really do not have a heart touching story to tell but me and my family would sail the sheet out of the this little tri. Able to hook up and get the craft uopon any notice. If I am not the canidate of choice how do I get a ride????? Andrew 916-267-3851
doc6239 years ago
Ever since I was a young boy my dad use to take us out on his sail boat. It was a way to bring us all together. This became a hobbie of my fathers and i. Seeing how I cant afford one of my own, it would be an honor to be givin one, especially this one. I would be able to pick this up as soon as possible, and start this tradition with my family. It brought my father and I closer, which I hope to do with my son. sincerely D. Rowlands. 707 228-2576 hoping to hear from you soon.
deyess9 years ago
Deyess Kanaloa 19 , Experienced waterman , sailor, surfer etc...... I would (depending on the seaworthiness of the craft) be interested in doing some coastal cruising of California. It is Hard to say exactly Because I personally don't know the boat but I can say one thing for sure is that any decent craft in My hands will be put to use In ways I like to think of as inspirational . I live in Santa cruz and made good use of A Hobie 18, last summer 247-7906 also a bay boat for the outrigger club sounds good.
Wave Kewl... There is too little time in life. We need to enjoy every moment, every breeze, every salty blast. Hang 20, or 40 whenever possible. Your Blaze of Glory trimarin will allow us to share these beliefs, and prove their worthiness, to all the children of abuse we work with. We wrote a show for them, and are living our lives in hope and example for them to find joy, and all the good this life has to offer! You Rock! Diz www.smokehousethemusical.com
gmoon9 years ago
2$, such gouging--outrageous! ;-) Wonderful offer--someone surely will take you up on it (I'm too far away....)
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