Free Crap Alert: X-acto #11 Z-series Blades (Update: Expired)

Hey y'all.

Just thought I'd spread some love and graces.  

X-acto is giving away free samples of their new blade, the Z-series (size #11).  I needed some new blades, and figured a few other people might be running low as well.  

Oh, and before you all start flagging as spam, I promise, I'm not.  I don't give a crap about x-acto.  I just like free sharp things.


Picture of Free Crap Alert:  X-acto #11 Z-series Blades (Update: Expired)
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jeff-o6 years ago
Shoot! The deal has expired. These blades look wicked though - if you get some, be sure to lets us know what they're like.
awesome possum! I can stop sharpening my old blades for a bit...
Flintlock (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
She likes to cut people, so she's naturally very excited.
But what is she asking from you with the YES PLEASE statement?
Haha, the best way to explain it is that I'm just responding to the unasked (but implied) question - would you like one?
Oh ok, it just messed me up since he offered the link to go to, but hadn't offered to "sign anyone up" :-) Ok, I understand now.....
Goodhart6 years ago
Thanks for the link.....submitted....