Free Fruit from your Neighbors

This nytimes article shows just how easy it can be to get free local fruit from trees in your neighborhood. If it's hanging over onto public property, you can go for it. Of course, it's even better to meet the owner and even trade some of your own bounty.

I do this pretty often. In my own backyard I get free figs from one neighbor's tree that extends into our space, raspberries off a vine on our fence and oranges from a tree in our yard.

Neighbor, Can You Spare a Plum?

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joshgrey8 years ago
mint tea is really easy ... especially with fresh mint leaves ! i get my mint straight from the garden :-) where it kinda invaded the nasturtiums i had growing ... neighbours seem to grow "other" things in their yard, that don't really interest me, but we do have mint and beautiful roses that poke through the fence. Mint vinegar is really easy to make and it looks oh-so-gourmet ;0)
I misnamed it- we called it mint sauce-it's been a long time. lol !! I spend a lot of time with my wonderful three year old granddaughter who says such sweet things as, "I do it my big self!" "Mint vinegar" is actually quite literal lol, but as I said, we called it "Mint sauce". We used it (and still do) on lamb chops. (if you are a a vegitarian-sorry I don't want to gross you out)
Mint vinegar! Cool. I never heard of it before.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Seems they have the same conundrum to charge for "Pro" membership. Growing up there were a lot of "public" crabapple trees. Made for good projectiles.
Crab apples also make a nice jelly.
I thought they are poisonous?
Sour-tasting, maybe, but poisonous, no.
Hmm, still not convinced though... It will take me some time.
Maybe "crab apples" are a different species in the US?
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