Free Helicopter Rides Anyone?

For those of you in Northern Virginia/DC Metropolitan Area   

I stumbled across this accidental, but pilot Rick Rahim, who has over 1,000 hours of flying time, is offering free helicopter rides for young folk aged 7-17. He's stationed in Leesburg Airport, about 30 miles outside of DC. The rides are free, all you need is a waiver signed by a legal guardian. Each flight is about ten minutes, and the whole thing is around two hours, and you fly in a helicopter!!!

Sounds like an adventure to me.

For more info Link

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HavocRC4 years ago
Nice, He could fly down here, pick me up, and drop me off at a couple Taco Bells on the way the Bahamas. Then, while he sits in the cockpit twiddling his thumbs, I could be swimmin in crystal clear waters. . .
xxcalebbxx5 years ago
sounds pretty cool
A lot of places offer free flights, find a local Civil Air Patrol Squadron and you might be able to get some free air time.
Wasagi (author) 7 years ago
Awww, where from?
toolrepair7 years ago
Just send a little Ninja up there with him. If he tries anything, HIYAA lol
chalie47 years ago
What's in it for him? Or am i just being skeptical?
smkoberg7 years ago
dangit! Why can't he offer those rides to 25 year olds? I wanna go!
Laserman5957 years ago
There used to be one in northwest Arkansas!!! i got to fly in an experimental homebuilt airplane, that crash landed in a field a week later due to engine failure!!!! Sadly the young egeals isn't there anymore. (The plane that crashed had nothing to do with its closer.) I wish it was still here!!!!
Be glad you weren't in it a week later.
CameronSS7 years ago
I realize this is a bit old, but I thought I'd jump in. At least according to his website, he's doing this for the Young Eagles, which is quite reputable...the EAA runs it, and it's intended to introduce young'uns to flight. Harrison Ford was the former chairman of the organization, to give some sense of the scale of the thing.
Sounds a bit sketchy
Goodhart7 years ago
Hmmmmm.....without the parents along? That could be something to be....suspicious about.