Free IC Samples: Good or Bad

Every now and then I order a sample of an integrated circuit from companies such as TI, Atmel, or Microchip. But can I get too many. If I order too many do you think they will catch on to my using of their free samples for hobby use and not research? I stopped ordering because I am afraid they might start charging me for all the chips I ordered. What's your opinion?

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Big Bwana9 years ago
They won't charge you, to a large IC manufacturing company this is classed as an advertising expense so it is a tax write off to start with..... And how many is an interesting question, wait till you get to meet and talk to one of the factory reps in person, I have gotten a fully built remote control switch, which the rep insisted I needed of course not to be rude I agreed , large packs of panasonic blue LED's ( yep they are the expensive ones on the back cover of the digikey catalog ) Motorola, ok now freescale has goofed and shipped me full reels of transistors and I offered to ship the reels back and they said to keep them, I guess it cost more to restock them then they are worth ??.... ((( Yes both of those sent out reps to meet and greet, and reps usually do several companies and will offer you products you don't even know you could get samples of, like huge 10lbs heatsinks Thank you wakefield... for a motor speed controller... ))) So just don't abuse it and think of sample amount like this, One to use, One to Abuse, and One to lose... And order three.... And should you ever make some thing, and are going to sell it commercially, make sure some where in there you buy and use one of there products they have so willingly given to you for free....
where did you get the LEDs?
Samg17 years ago
where can i get blue LEDs and ALLOT of 100 and 1000 ohm resistors?
gimmelotsarobots (author)  Samg17 years ago
For free? no idea.
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
if you have your credit card number in their system, then you might get charged, otherwise, your good to go.
YAY Mine Are on the way Fed Ex says they should at my house tomorrow at five pm FINALY.....
gimmelotsarobots (author) 9 years ago
OH MY GOSH! I really didn't realize so many people didn't know about this! When you go to the website of the manufacturer of the IC you want (say it's a picaxe), You can request free samples of it. You have to choose packageing type I.E. DIP or SOIC, but they come free of charge. You don't even have to pay shipping. Some companies require you to make an account (not a big deal, no credit card info), and others don't. Some companies make you pay for the samples (just a few cents), but that's it! Go to the manufacturer and see if your chip offers samples. When filling out the form, you may require some...imagination.
Do you even know what SOIC is? Of course you have to chose the packaging type :P
of course it the Society Of Inkwell Collectors
Lol it dose use less packaging then a dip though
There's been a distressing trend recently for manufacturers to have "special offers" of chip samples where they DON'T let you pick a package type. Naturally, the package they send is usually ... difficult...
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